Riccardo Gallino was born in Vigevano (PV, North of Italy) in early ’70s.

After a degree in Building Engineering in Pavia and a Master in Virtual Architecture in Rome he worked as designer in building enviroment.

Thanks to the know-how in computer graphic acquired during “Good old Amiga Computers dayZ” as assembler democoder and 3D graphic artist , with the nickname of BLITTER he was then one of the pioneer in Italy using digital technology for architectural previsualization .

From 2006 he began collaboration with indie studios  as 3D modeller , providing visual effects for the award winning sci-fi movie “Dark Resurrection” vol.1, digital storyboards for movie “EX”, “Maschi contro Femmine”, “Femmine contro Maschi” , and various music videos.



With the director R.A.Braun in 2010 he designed  the set for the award winner opera “Boheem”, on stage in Vilnius, Poznam and ,currently, at the Rahvusooper Teather in Tallin (Estonia).

He produced as director of photography the documentary “Bartitsu : the lost martial arts of Sherlock Holmes”, performed on BBC newtwork.

He worked as Visual Design Supervisor for the multimedia opera FAUST, performed at The Grand Opera House in Leeds from october 2012.

For the art department of Promoart Montecarlo he developed in 2008 the mechanical  design of all the spaceships of the futuristic show “The Origin”, performed with the guest star Sir. Roger Moore.

He is graduated Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CERTIFIED EXPERT.




As backpacker he always loved to travel but till 2006 he upgraded the experience to the next level : joining the ability to voyage everywhere and photography he acts as location scout for multimedia production.





He works as Tour Leader for rough expeditions for travel agencies and  he travelled around the world in more than 85 countries , 60 of them till 2007 to now.

Great lover of Africa, he supports AIEA and Poaching Prevention Academy as field guide and couter-poaching  ranger trainee .