Around the world

Some pictures of me and my traveller friends around the world , from 2007 to today.

Norway 2007







Frontier between Peru and Bolivia. 2008.

Like my old friend Danny Wild sayed “here you seem like Rambo in Afghanistan”





Over Macchu Picchu, 2008.

Like my old friend Danny Wild sayed “here you seem like the Great Master of Kung Fu Panda”






New Zealand , 2009.

A rare picture with the Aston Martin of Peter Jackson, in front of the offices of Weta Digital in Wellington.




New Zealand, 2009.

Climbing the Mount Cook, during a windy and rainy beginning of NZ autumn.





Syndey , Australia. 2009

After having spent two hours speaking my best English with a nice girl in front of this romantic waterfront I finally asked “….but do you live here in Sidney ?”

and she replied “no, I am travelling. I came from Sardegna.”



Tanzania, 2009.

In this picture with my friend Chiara, the “Amazing flying blondie”.





Egypt, 2009.

This girl is watching in the mirror right when I have shooted.

In this picture lots of meaning : travel, photography, cultures, adventures..and my “Indiana Jones like” travel suite.







Namibia, 2010.

In this picture the essential of friendship and adventure is condensed .

In the middle of the desert of Sussulvei populated only by few travellers someone called my name.

Casually here I met Paolo, a friend of mine who lives 15 km far from me in Italy. We haven’t meet together from 20 years !



From North Cape in 2007 to Cape Good Hope in 2010.

A great ending for a great overland adventure between Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

Here with my friend Loredana.







Vietnam 2010.

Here with my friend and really good photographer Ekaterina in Halong bay





Cambodia 2010.

In Angkor Wat, searching for Lara Croft.








Laos, 2011

Looking at Luang Prapang , like a… “Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer”








Thai, 2011.

Lots of smog and caos in Kaosane Road in Bangkok.








Everest Camp Base in Tibet , 2011







2011 : Friends the mirror with Chiara, Santino, Nicola and Antonella.

A great overland photo-travel from Beijing to New Delhi between China,Tibet, Nepal and India.






Jordan, Wadi Rum desert 2012