–  How much  time do you spend on Photoshop retouching your photos ?

Zero (0) time on Photoshop, because currently I don’t use Photoshop for postproduction and I will use it no more.
I use Adobe Lightroom and I suggest to everyone to use it instead of the slow Photoshop.
Using Lightroom I spend less than 3 minutes for each frame for the post production.
I am graduated Adobe Certified Expert of Lightroom

– Why that watermark in the center of photos ?

Because I have my photos ripped more than one time. If you need my picture simply ask  but don’t use and abuse of them.

– Which marvellous photographic equipment are you using ?

The most recent galleries are made by my perfect travel couple : Canon 5d markII (now 6D)+ 24-105L. For shooting in Africa I use the “Big-heavy-excellentquality-notcheap” Canon 28-300L, so I can stay with only one lens for all the travel without changing it (and filling the camera sensor with tons of dust)
Lots of pictures are taken also with 40d and with an old 350d witch is really good as “stunt camera”. As “stealth camera” I use Canon G9 , Iphone4 and Fuji X10

– Of course you use a MAC !

No and NO ! Apple provides a good (expensive) hardware but the operative system is really a crap. IMO Apple software is good for two categories of people : 1) people who always used only a mac   2) people who never used a computer.
As coder and Linux/Amiga/BeOs user I need and want to drive my operative system and not to be driven by it.

– Why do your pictures look  so..”flat” ?

This look is my custom “beach bypass”, a film development style used in movie production : colours are desaturated, contrast increased and huge vignetting decrease the luminosity on the border of frame.