ICELAND online

A new big Adventure as Tour Leader of Viaggi Avventure nel Mondo : Iceland in black and white in now online !

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New Travel , massive update

New great travel, new nice pictures ! Check a massive update in America submenu : Guatemala , Belize , Honduras and New York.

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Marrakech Xpress

A fast trip in Marrakech, with special add on : Essaouira and Eden Cinema (the oldest cinema in Morrocco) All the pictures in Africa/Morrocco subdirectory

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Naadam in Gobi Anar

Nadaam is the famous “olympic games” of Mongolia, where the payers competing in archery, equestrianism and wrestling , traditionally by the mid-july to early August A little Naadam takes place in sand area...

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Mongolia Expedition online

Mongolia August 2012 : mission accomplished. The great photographic “Xpedition” as Tour Leader for Viaggi Avventure nel Mondo has been a real triumph, 36 selected picturs in Asia/Mongolia submenu. “Stars in the sky...

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New video section and much more

New cool pages inside in MAIN menù : – Video section, linked from popular Vimeo for hi quality – 2d / 3d Graphics – Thoughts about my “art”

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Architectural view

Architectural photography , my old passion. A huge collection of images now avaitable in main/reportage submenù.

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A trip in Castelluccio

Castelluccio is a little village near Norcia, in Umbria region in the middle of Italy and is very famous for his large and colorful valley. Check new pictures in Europe/Italy/Castelluccio subdirectory !

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Adobe Certified Expert

I use it from may years and I love it. And now I am graduated ADOBE CERTIFIED EXPERT of Lightroom, the best software for manage very large assets of photos !

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Ireland in Black and White

I just returned from a short trip in Ireland, where everything is green. But this is a country with strong emotions generated by nature and traditions, so I think that a black and white vision is more appropriate. The new gallery IRELAND BW is...

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